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Pigment Disorder and Red Face Treatment with Lumecca IPL 

What is the Lumecca IPL system?

Lumecca IPL system is a reliable method that offers non-surgical treatment options for skin spots, pigment disorders and redness.

Lumecca IPL is a powerful intense pulse light device.

Where is the Lumecca IPL system used?

The treatment of spots, wrinkles and other problems that occur or become apparent during the summer on the skin pose a great problem.

This system gives successful results in skin tone differences, tissue differences, sun damage, vascular problems, Rosacea disease, red face appearance.

How does the Lumecca IPL system work?

In dermatology, IPL light systems have been used clinically since the 90's and have developed rapidly until today as an effective and safe method in various skin diseases and aesthetic applications.

Lumecca IPL system shows its effect by making photothermolysis with intense light pulses. It is especially effective in sun-damaged areas such as face, décolleté, neck, hand and shoulders. It gives successful results in rosacea patients with vascular structure problems and in red face problems. Repeated sessions are required.

What to expect after Lumecca IPL application?

Immediately after the procedure, mild redness and slight warmth are normal.

It usually regresses within a few hours, rarely lasts for a day or two.

In stain applications, the stain is expected to darken first and then to lighten spontaneously.


What should be done after Lumecca IPL blemish and / or red face, vascular facial procedures?

The priority is always with effective and correct sun protection. With a sun protection factor of at least 30, protective creams should be used at intervals of 2-3 hours not only in summer but all year round.

You should not be in hot environments such as intense sports, Turkish bath, sauna, jacuzzi for 1 week.

If there is a crust, it should not be played, it should be expected to shed eventually.

In addition to IPL Lumecca applications, spot removal creams before and after, and spot-oriented mesotherapy applications during or after the session also increase the effectiveness of treatment.

Is the Lumecca IPL system safe?

Lumecca IPL system is a reliable device approved by the American FDA and is used in the treatment of thousands of people in the USA.

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