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Skin Rejuvenation Applications

The use of neurotoxin injection for cosmetics is an application that is becoming popular day by day. For the first time in the 1980s, Dr. Alan Scott used it in the treatment of strabismus in his patients. It has been used for aesthetic purposes towards the end of the 80's, and since 97, it has been used in the treatment of regional sweating.

Over the years, dynamic wrinkles and lines occur, especially with mimic muscles. In this application, the contraction of the mimic muscles is prevented with the right injections and the prominence of these lines is eliminated.

In advanced ages, the lines get deeper and may not be fully opened. For this reason, application before the lines are settled yields better cosmetic results.

When appropriate doses are applied to the related muscles with appropriate injection techniques, a natural, young, fresh appearance is obtained without the appearance of a mask. The lines between the eyebrows, forehead and around the eyes are the places that respond best to the application. In addition, it is possible to give the shape of eyebrows and correct facial asymmetries.

The effects of these applications start after 24 hours, settle in 1-2 weeks and last about 4-6 months. After the application, it is not recommended to move to a horizontal position for 3-4 hours, to exercise heavily that day or to consume alcohol.

Since the effect is temporary, the mimic muscles start to work again at the end of this period and must be applied again.

Another usage area of ​​this method is regional excessive sweating in the armpits, hands and feet. After the application, a decrease in sweating becomes evident in patients. The effect lasts about 4-6 months. It needs to be repeated.


When the right substance is given to the muscles in accordance with the needs of the patient, tired, angry, tense expressions disappear and a natural rested appearance emerges.

Filling Applications

Filling applications are carried out with ready-made injectors containing medical filling material to reduce the collapsed image on the body (face, lips, back of the hand, neck, etc.), to increase the volume of the area, to fill deep wrinkles, and to achieve a more aesthetic appearance. The duration of permanence varies according to the content of the filling used.

There are a wide variety of fillers of different brands on the market. The chemical structures of the fillers differ from each other and affect the permanence period of the filler, the area to be applied and the way it is made. For this reason, it should be made by experts with appropriate materials.

The application of filler is often applied to the nose lip corner groove (nasolabial groove), lips, sadness lines between the lips and chin (marionette), cheekbones (malar area), chin, under eye, hands, temple and neck lines.

  • If needed, local anesthetic creams are applied beforehand.

  • The application has no interaction with the sun. Summer can be done in winter.

  • Those with a history of cold sores should inform their physician.

  • Application should be carried out under sterile conditions.

  • Depending on the physician's preference, needles or blunt-tipped cannulas can be used.

  • It is important for the patient to inform the physician about previous filling applications or other aesthetic applications they have undergone because of the cross effects of the procedures on each other.

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